Physicist: “I used to suck at math. Like really, really, suck.”

A new post has been long overdue, but I managed to stumble upon a very nice and helpful physicist. I first heard him speak during a livestreamed debate between him and a pseudo-scientist. His cogent and impressive debating skill impressed me enough to contact him and ask for pointers on improving in discourse. While I … More Physicist: “I used to suck at math. Like really, really, suck.”

“You lack the ability to think.”

Yet another inspiring underdog story, reinforcing the ‘you can learn anything’ statement. Jessica Su is a computer science PhD student at Stanford who’s teacher though she lacked the ability to think. Well they were quite wrong. The following text is an answer to What was your most empowering experience or decision? on Quora. Learning how to write proofs. … More “You lack the ability to think.”

Math is innate?

I’m pleased to present yet another sterling scientist who’s deeply passionate about the growth mindset in mathematics, or in any other challenging endeavour where brainpower is key. Meet Margot Gerritsen, a professor in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford. After watching her presentation on fluid flow I can confidently say she’s a force to be reckoned … More Math is innate?

Math is hard. But…

Do you fear math? Is mathematical anxiety holding you back? Convinced that mathematical abilities are genetic? If these questions ring a bell then you should listen to this math undergraduate. Fear not, they have a hard time too! “Math is not magic, it’s a skill.” –Saramoira Shields