Math is innate?

I’m pleased to present yet another sterling scientist who’s deeply passionate about the growth mindset in mathematics, or in any other challenging endeavour where brainpower is key. Meet Margot Gerritsen, a professor in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford. After watching her presentation on fluid flow I can confidently say she’s a force to be reckoned […]

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Math is hard. But…

Do you fear math? Is mathematical anxiety holding you back? Convinced that mathematical abilities are genetic? If these questions ring a bell then you should listen to this math undergraduate. Fear not, they have a hard time too! “Math is not magic, it’s a skill.” –Saramoira Shields  

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Can anyone become a genius?

An answer to this question asked on Quora: Can anybody become a genius? Likely, because there is no precise definition of genius. “Imagine going back to the year 1600. Even then, Western Europe was one of the more educated parts of the planet, but back then about 20% of the population could read and write. And […]

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Smartest human being who ever lived?

An answer to Who is the smartest human being that’s ever lived?, on Quora. Sal is one of the main reasons many people pursue education again. So he deserves a mention. Salman Khan. In the year 1998 at MIT, Khan achieved 3 BSc in mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer science whereafter he completed 2 MSc in electrical engineering […]

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Slow progress is progress

I’m still lagging behind in university with the occasional ups and downs. Today the professor assistant asked if I was on track and let myself down twice by saying no. The first let down is because I hardly took time to study linear algebra, so I brought it onto myself that I couldn’t have improved. Derivatives and integrals caught me off guard. Second reason is […]

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Chief Happiness Officer

Yes, CHO, a Chief Happiness Officer. I already had the highest regards towards the Khan Academy, but now the bar has been raised again. Together with SpaceX and Tesla, the Khan Academy joined my ‘companies I’d love to work for’ list. At the former two there is something called the ‘no asshole policy‘ coined by Elon Musk. And now […]

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Juice, juice, orange juice!

Richard Feynman, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, playing the bongos. This is the man the US government called upon to investigate the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. It never ceases to amaze me how the most revered people to have walked the earth are so unpretentious and are equipped with the most delightful sense of […]

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