Chief Happiness Officer

Yes, CHO, a Chief Happiness Officer.


I already had the highest regards towards the Khan Academy, but now the bar has been raised again. Together with SpaceX and Tesla, the Khan Academy joined my ‘companies I’d love to work for’ list. At the former two there is something called the ‘no asshole policy‘ coined by Elon Musk. And now I stumble upon CHO. This is the way to the future. A road paved by nice people.

Elon: “I think, generally I look for: a positive attitude, are they easy to work with, are people gonna like working with them. It’s very important to like the people you work with otherwise life, you know, your job is going to be quite miserable. And in fact, we have a—clears throat—strict no assholes policy at SpaceX. And we fire people, I mean we give them a little bit of a warning, but if they continue to be an asshole then they’re fired.” Interviewer: “That’s innovative right?” Elon: “Yeah, ehm, because you know, if your boss is an awful person you’re gonna hate coming to work.”

I can’t help but be positive about that. But hold on, there is more. Khan Academy also employs Toby, the director of wellness. Drumrolls please…


To those who share this sentiment about the future. You might appreciate the following author I got introduced to after posting the CHO fact on the Physics Forums. Enjoy!

“The need is not really for more brains, the need is now for a gentler, a more tolerant people than those who won for us against the ice, the tiger and the bear. The hand that hefted the ax, out of some old blind allegiance to the past fondles the machine gun as lovingly. It is a habit man will have to break to survive, but the roots go very deep.” ― Loren Eiseley, The Immense Journey: An Imaginative Naturalist Explores the Mysteries of Man and Nature

“Perhaps a creature of so much ingenuity and deep memory is almost bound to grow alienated from his world, his fellows, and the objects around him. He suffers from a nostalgia for which there is no remedy upon earth except as it is to be found in the enlightenment of the spirit–some ability to have a perceptive rather than an exploitive relationship with his fellow creatures.” ― Loren Eiseley



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