You can learn anything!

While I’ll be catching up on math the next few months and have no idea if I will manage to pull through, I don’t want to discourage anyone from doing the same. Therefore I am dedicating this post to sum up a non-exhaustive list of inspirational material I’ve gathered the past year. Whether I succeed or fail, I will not regret my choice. The experience alone has proven to be worthy already. Our mind is capable of a lot more than we think. Regardless of the results, I’ll keep trying to reach the next level. You should too.

The list


“Don’t confuse what you love with what you’re good at.” Erick Pinos

This answer was the instigator that drove me towards the decision in studying something I struggle with but find truly fascinating.

“Want to study astronomy but can’t do math? Don’t worry!” Tony Darnell
“How I overcame my math blocks.” Tony Darnell

After reading this astronomers blog, I was 99.9% convinced. Anything is possible as long as you try.

“So here I am, studying for finals, and I’m actually angry. Really, truly angry. Because there are so many people out there, like me, who were told at some point that they weren’t a math person, people who never had the opportunity to learn math or physics, and they are missing out on so much.” Susan Fowler – Software Engineer at Uber

“I only accidentally discovered how bad my auditory working memory was when we were playing a memory game with our kids. To my surprise, I had the worst memory span in our family.” Dr. Fernette: Neurologist

It was like looking into a mirror while reading this. Finally I understood why it was a struggle for me but childsplay to others.

“When it was time for standardized testing at age 16, he didn’t take exams for physics, biology or chemistry, “because the school said, ‘There’s really no point in you sitting them.’ “” Alex Garland: Director of Ex Machina

Who doesn’t love an underdog late bloomer story. I advise you to check the previous link to wikipedia. There are a lot more late bloomers than you can imagine. And those are only the famous ones.

Why creativity is a numbers game. Scientific American

Nearly all success was preceded by a lot of failure.

The Science of Genius. Scientific American (E-book, 7.95$)

You probably have abysmal study methods. They matter, a lot. I couldn’t stop reading the example, so I just bought the whole thing. There are innumerable myths floating around, it’s undeniably damaging to our progress as a species.

“You mean I don’t have to be dumb?” Scientific American

The fixed mindset on intelligence is holding our education back far more than any other reason. “You Can Grow Your Brain.” Did you know? No? Well don’t you forget.

You can learn anything!







I will update this list whenever I find more.


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