Teach for mastery, not test scores.

Sal Khan’s most important ideas I’ve heard over the years are compressed in his short but powerful TED talk he gave recently. Changing education is probably one of the most important decisions towards a more utopian society. People don’t have to be stupid and learning is fun. Another amazing entrepreneur is Jack Ma, whose favourite role […]

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Improve yourself by 3778% in one year?

Approximately one year ago I read something on Quora about the effects of improving 1% daily. Initially the improvements might not be apparent, but compounded over time the differences are huge compared to not improving at all or declining. Contemplate these (rounded) numbers: 1% daily improvement for 1 year: 1.01365 = 37.7834 → 3778.34% improvement. 1% daily decline for 1 year: 0.99365 = […]

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Clickbait: bad memory; a good thing!

Once I thought my list of science underdogs was finished, another one pops up. Meet Barbara Oakley, professor of engineering. “I fell off the math bandwagon and flunked my way through elementary, middle, and high school math and science. Now I’m a professor of engineering.” –Barbara Oakley I’m excited to say that a ‘you-can-grow-your-brain thinking’ is […]

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Study methods are paramount

Less than an hour ago I received my grades for the three courses I tried in university. Philosophy: 15/20, statistics: 3/20, linear algebra: didn’t take the exam. You might be surprised, but I’m actually happy with those results. One, because I never passed a philosophy or psychology class up to now, even at a tenth […]

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“You lack the ability to think.”

Yet another inspiring underdog story, reinforcing the ‘you can learn anything’ statement. Jessica Su is a computer science PhD student at Stanford who’s teacher though she lacked the ability to think. Well they were quite wrong. The following text is an answer to What was your most empowering experience or decision? on Quora. Learning how to write proofs. […]

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